* 2016 -  PARAFLOWS . XI - Identity - Festival for Digital Art - Wien, Austria

         Video Collage I 00:03:32 

This piece of art consists of a video collage articulated as a documentary film.

The narrative structure is based on the images and text, although the translation does not coincide with the original sound footage. The documentary format is used as a tool to legitimize the story which articulates the use of the various materials.


The film narrates the story of an old watchmaker that had discovered a defect in the mechanism of his watch. Since then, he began to shift time in every clock in his small town, which resulted in a one-hour extension. This change repercussed in the daily life activities of the town.



PARAFLOWS .XI - Identity

Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien, Austria I 2016

BERLINALE I Film Festival in Berlin I

HESSEN SHORTS, Berlinale.I Berlin I 2009



HESSEN SHORTS I Frankfurt am Main I 2009


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