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dos relaidades.Still06.jpg

 Video animation Stop motion I Collage I 00:03:37 

 * 2015 -  BATACLANA´S FIRST MEETING OF VIDEO ART - Cordoba, Argentina

*2013  - Fiber Festival - Gallery ACUD, Berlin

* 2013 - 18 M Gallery, Berlin

A person.


A traffic lights. 


The reality.

The world that surrounds us seems to absorb us in its totality without letting us act like individuals.

Two realities are hit and surpassed dialectically.

Images captured by 24 frames per second represent one reality. The other is represented by an animation frame and background made up of still photos. Both worlds are related by means of traffic light.

A voice in off creates a relaxed atmosphere for the observer. The voice in off reproduces a taken text of a movie of the Danish filmmaker Lars con Trier.

dos relaidades.Still06.jpg
Sequenz 1 4.png
Sequenz 1 8.png
dos relaidades.Still05.jpg
Sequenz 1 3.png
dos relaidades.Still03.jpg
Sequenz 1 7.png
Sequenz 1 6.png
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