Interactive Sound - Chromatic Installation


Victoria Lazcano and Carolina Boettner

To create a global chromatic symphony, we capture sounds streaming from different places, one per each time zone, and gather them at the same time in the space we are at. We equate the sound frequencies in this symphony, to those of light-color-, thus perceiving the anachronistic terrestrial pulse in an auditory and visual manner.


It is a timeless symphony where past, present and future blend together as a whole, freeing Time from its lineal perception.


Participants interact with audio stream by getting closer to the speakers enabling an ever-changing symphony to unveil itself on site. 

24 micro spaces converge into a macro space. So, while transiting the exhibit and composing the symphony, there is a possibility to have a personal audiovisual encounter with each place by placing oneself under the speaker of that time zone. 

The artwork is in constant transformation. The space as the hub immersed in world sounds that were and will be. Participants suspended in time connecting the future and the past in their present.

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